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Painting last weekend

On Friday night, my sister and I went to Paint Nite at the Aquarium.  She got the more experienced apron -- her choice, she picked two aprons out of the bag and handed one to me. 

Over the course of the evening, we painted an underwater scene with two turtles.  We sat at tables and each had an little easel, a paper plate with the required paint colours, some brushes and a red drinking cup with a bit of water.  The evening started with us making a promise to enjoy ourselves, not moan, groan and complain and to NOT drink from the red cup.  Good idea.  It looked uninviting.  The instructor took us through step by step demonstrating on her canvas.  A bit of yellow and blue on the brush to start and start filling in the canvas. 

At the end of the evening, the instructor offered to take group photos for those who wanted.  Its interesting how different each painting turned out even though we all received the same instructions.  We did a brief walk through the Aquarium before heading home.…

Why is my project list so long?

Elaine wrote a post the other day about what stops us from moving forward.  It was inspired by this post from Anne Sullivan at PlayCraft. The two posts got me to thinking about why my list of Quilting Projects is so long.  So I went back to look at the list.  There are currently 52 projects on the list (it will be 54 by Sunday night as I'm taking two classes this weekend).

1.  SQUIRREL! There are 52 (almost 54) items on the quilting projects list because something else came along that grabbed my interest and took me off another path.  I've been trying this year to move projects along.  I picked a few at the beginning of the year that I wanted to progress and some of them have been moved along. I also said I wanted to get some finished and I have including one that was started about 1996/7. 

2.  Logistics There are 20 items on the UFO list waiting to be quilted.  Two had enough quilting to go into a quilt show but I started adding more to one and planned to add more to another…

Zigzag Border Started

Last month I finally finished stitching down everything I had basted into place on my Love Entwined Centre. I had cut all the zigzag pieces months ago but didn't leave notes as to what my plans for them were. I think I've figured it out although there aren't as many of each colour as I think there should be so maybe not. On the weekend I paired up the colours and spent most of the drive home from Dad's stitching pairs together. It was rather nice that Karen was driving :) I've pressed some of the pairs and started to sew them into pairs.

I hadn't used these little scissors before. They were in a gimme bag either at our guild anniversary dinner a few years ago. I was taking a flight and wanted to take the sewing with me on the plane. These seemed to be the correct size but I thought if they got confiscated I wouldn't mind too much. I've changed my mind. Not only are they cute, but they cut well and are a nice size for carrying with my stitch…