Bruce Trail: Start of Toronto Section

I started at the beginning of the Toronto section this morning. The plan had been to park at the Kelso conservation centre but I missed the turn and ended up parked at the Hilton Falls conservation centre and hiking back to the beginning of the section. A short pause near where the first blaze was painted in July 1962. Up and over several stiles. England has lots of different styles of stiles. The Bruce Trail seems to like this one. The creeks were full. There’s been lots of rain lately. I was having fun playing with the camera settings. This was my favorite at this location. The trilliums are out – and lots of them. Also saw some very beautiful fungus on the trees.
The trail goes only the edge of a golf course. No bells to ring as we aren’t actually crossing the fairway. Watching this little guy have a snack, gave me ideas about lunch.
I went up the Restoration Side Trail to see what was there. It’s a look out over an area that use to be a rock quarry. Its being reclaimed. There were picnic tables there so I sat, enjoyed the view and my lunch. The turkey vultures were soaring overhead most of the day. Its fun to watch them – they spend a lot of time floating with their wings locked in place. Along the way there were several lookout points. This is the panorama shortly after the lunch break The Dufferin Quarry Bridge is 40m long. It gave a really good view of the rock quarry behind. Its massive!
Another viewpoint along the way let me see another golf course. I got up some where around km 7 when it started to rain so I turned around. During the return trip, it rained off and on. So much for less than 1 mm. Fortunately it wasn’t as windy or rainy as last Saturday turned into.


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