Bruce Trail -- From Pear Tree Parking lot

Yesterday I started from the Pear tree parking lot at km 11.8 and went back to St. Helena's side road. When I returned to the parking lot, I had some lunch and then went up through Speyside and the Speyside Side Trails to km 14.4. That made for an 11.2 km circuit. Near the parking lot, was this picnic table. There was a bench on the other side of the trail also covered in weeds. I was sure I took a picture of it as well but it wasn't on the camera and there are no missing numbers. Must have been dreaming. The little waterfall coming out of the pond was very full. From there it was off back to where I started last weeks hike. The only animals I saw besides birds were bees, dragon flies and a tiny, camera-shy mouse like creature. And lots of caterpillars.
The cement barricades at St. Helena's Rd made a handy tripod for a picture this week When I got back to the parking lot, it was almost noon so I sat at the picnic table, with this little fellow, to eat my sandwich. I did not share. The trail then follows the 15th side road over to Speyside park. This butterfly actually landed long enough for a picture. Then a car went past I think this tree is confused as to the season (I know I am) Still only very small wildlife in the afternoon. A tadpole, more caterpillars and grasshoppers (lots and lots of grasshoppers)
Where the Speyside Side Trail (north) splits off from the main trail, there was a lot of tree fungus at the base of one tree. When I got down to take the picture, I found water droplets underneath.
I was so busy watching where I put my feet on the side trail (lots of puddles) that I came to this Decided the side trail must have flooded with all the rain this week so to around to go back to where I'd left the main trail. A couple of minutes later I found a turn here marker for the side trail. This wasn't the side trail. Turned up where I should have and made it back to the main trail up where I had originally been heading. Gotta make sure I watch the trees and my feet. On the south end of the side trail, there's a break in the trees. This is the view. After the hike, I came home via Scott's farm. Their sign said they had fresh asparagus. Sounded good for a veggie for tonight. At the edge of the parking lot, they had this machine parked. I assume its some sort of harvester -- hopefully not really for rocks The birds seem to like the back side of it.


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