Bruce Trail -- St. Helena's Side Road

I left early for Hobby Horse this morning so I could walk a little more of the Toronto Section. I parked on St Helena’s Road and picked up the trail there. Headed back to where I stopped the other week. There was just enough time to go there and back before I needed to be leaving for Hobby Horse. It was a little overcast but the sun kept peeking through the woods. There was a small creek to cross with a tiny waterfall coming off the side. Someone or something knocked this tree fungus off. I’m curious what kind of flower this will blossom into. I think this guy was upset because I was checking out his lunch. If these are all tent caterpillars, its going to be a busy year. There were lots of tents in the bush. On most of them, the caterpillars were outside the tent.
I’m still not positive what this is. I think it’s a porcupine but I’m not sure. The little guys were out in force today having snacks.
Something hit this birch tree. I didn’t think the wood was red for birches.


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