Thursday, September 22, 2016

Painting last weekend

On Friday night, my sister and I went to Paint Nite at the Aquarium.  She got the more experienced apron -- her choice, she picked two aprons out of the bag and handed one to me. 

More Experienced ApronInexperienced Apron

Over the course of the evening, we painted an underwater scene with two turtles.  We sat at tables and each had an little easel, a paper plate with the required paint colours, some brushes and a red drinking cup with a bit of water.  The evening started with us making a promise to enjoy ourselves, not moan, groan and complain and to NOT drink from the red cup.  Good idea.  It looked uninviting.  The instructor took us through step by step demonstrating on her canvas.  A bit of yellow and blue on the brush to start and start filling in the canvas. 

Table setup; Don't drink from that!;  Painting started; Getting messyWater finished; rocks added; underwater life added; turtle begun

At the end of the evening, the instructor offered to take group photos for those who wanted.  Its interesting how different each painting turned out even though we all received the same instructions.  We did a brief walk through the Aquarium before heading home.  We've previously been to the Paint Lounge which we go to by car.  Neither of us wanted to try driving into the Aquarium, so it was a different experience carrying the finished canvases home on transit.  Mine arrived home safely and since I haven't heard otherwise, I assume Karen's did too.

On Saturday, I went to the guild workshop.  Dorothy Fu was the guest speaker this month and taught the workshop.  We worked on a wholecloth painting workshop where our subject was a zebra.  The whole thing was done with magic markers.  We started with our piece of white cloth over the paper outline then traced and coloured with the markers.  When I lifted my piece off the piece of plastic, I saw why she insisted the plastic was a good idea!  Lots of bled through there! 

There was time during the workshop to quilt most of the wallhanging.  If I brought more thread with me (what colour do you want to quilt the sky) then I'd have completed the quilting there.  Since I only had black thread, the sky waited.  I was so pleased with how it was turning out, I finished quilting it when I got home then bound it using a facing.  Its the first time I've done that.  The notes I took at the rug workshop weren't sufficient now so I had some issues applying them but on the whole it worked out well.

Not only am I pleased with how it turned out, its finished and so I ended the weekend with 53 things on the project list instead of the 54 I expected. That also makes me happy.  :)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why is my project list so long?

Elaine wrote a post the other day about what stops us from moving forward.  It was inspired by this post from Anne Sullivan at PlayCraft.
The two posts got me to thinking about why my list of Quilting Projects is so long.  So I went back to look at the list.  There are currently 52 projects on the list (it will be 54 by Sunday night as I'm taking two classes this weekend).

There are 52 (almost 54) items on the quilting projects list because something else came along that grabbed my interest and took me off another path.  I've been trying this year to move projects along.  I picked a few at the beginning of the year that I wanted to progress and some of them have been moved along. I also said I wanted to get some finished and I have including one that was started about 1996/7. 
My design wall earlier this year.  There are atleast six different projects up there.

I cleared the cutting table off for something and put things on this little table and started working through the stack. I'm not sure the stack looks much shorter today but atleast things are progressing.

2.  Logistics
There are 20 items on the UFO list waiting to be quilted.  Two had enough quilting to go into a quilt show but I started adding more to one and planned to add more to another.  Three are basted  waiting for me to quilt.  A few years ago dad cut a hole in my table and made a tray so the machine is level with the table top which makes machine quilting wonderful.  When I start to machine quilt something, everything else goes on hold.  No piecing happens.  So its a question of which is my focus at the moment -- piecing or quilting.  I've started to go to a longarm studio to machine quilt some things so that has helped make progress.
This little wall hanging has wanted to be quilted for years.  It finally happened this year at the longarm studio as I wanted to play at quilting from the front.  It was a good size to fit at the bottom of the quilt I had gone to quilt.

3.  Decisions need to be made
There are atleast 3 items that are stuck at should I add a border to this?  They've all been in this state for years.  I did finally make a decision about two that were here earlier this year and they have now been quilted and finished.  There's another stuck waiting for me to figure out how to put it together.  Its a swap and one block is significantly larger than the others. There's a BOM that turned out to not include all the fabric required to complete it which irritates me no end and I am still trying to figure out what to do with it.  Eventually I'll decide its time to just get these done and make a good enough decisions.  But probably not until the ones waiting to be quilted are done. 

This sat for years waiting for a decision about borders.  Yes or No.  If Yes which colour.  Limited choices as there wasn't much fabric left. Decide it was time and finished it. 
4.  Moving On
 I suspect that if I was to go into each box and make a serious evaluation of what to do with it, some would not get finished as originally planned.  Looking at the names of the projects, they all still make me smile (even the one that irritates me) but I'm not sure I want to commit the time to completing the original plan.  I'll make those decisions when I pull the boxes out and decide to work on the project again.

5.  Time
Between working full time and other commitments there's limited time to quilt.  I make the most progress when there's a deadline or when I'm really commited to achieving a goal.  Whether its a note on the Boogie border for this weeks goals or a monthly or yearly goal, some form of deadline really helps to move things along. 

Its been fun/interesting to look at the project list and think about why its so long.  The good news is its moving.  Things come off and things go on.  Its the nature of  a fun hobby I think.  Do you have a list?  Have you thought about why things stay on it?

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Zigzag Border Started

Last month I finally finished stitching down everything I had basted into place on my Love Entwined Centre. I had cut all the zigzag pieces months ago but didn't leave notes as to what my plans for them were. I think I've figured it out although there aren't as many of each colour as I think there should be so maybe not. On the weekend I paired up the colours and spent most of the drive home from Dad's stitching pairs together. It was rather nice that Karen was driving :) I've pressed some of the pairs and started to sew them into pairs.

I hadn't used these little scissors before. They were in a gimme bag either at our guild anniversary dinner a few years ago. I was taking a flight and wanted to take the sewing with me on the plane. These seemed to be the correct size but I thought if they got confiscated I wouldn't mind too much. I've changed my mind. Not only are they cute, but they cut well and are a nice size for carrying with my stitching

I recently found Heidi's One Monthly Goal which seems a really good idea. This month my goal is to get the zigzags prepared and basted down on the top. A stretch goal is to get them actually appliqued in place. I still have several other items to work on this month so getting them appliqued is definitely a stretch goal. Also linking up with Esther's WOW.