Monday, October 27, 2014

Celtic Solstice Finished

In March I finished the top, made the binding and tucked it all away to be quilted at some point.  The other week, I had a week's vacation and on the last day arranged to rent Elaine's long arm.  It took all day but it got loaded (and then fixed cause I loaded the backing on the wrong roller -- note to self -- check the leaders on the rolls, they are label which one is which) and then quilted.  The first picture is the product of a long, fun day draped over Elaine's machine.  Its all quilted with a pattern called Dancing Ribbons.

After some dinner and a rest that evening, I added the binding and started the hand stitching. It took a week to finish but the quilt now has binding and a sleeve in preparation for the guild show next spring. The label is written out and sitting on the ironing board waiting to be pressed and added to the quilt.

Two of the alternate blocks. I liked Bonnie's design and an alternate I saw on one of the linky parties. So I used both.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out. Nice to have one mostly done. As soon as I get that label done, it can move from the UFO tab to the finished tab in my spreadsheet. Yesterday my sister came over and we pulled fabric to make this year's mystery quilt.  Mine is on a neat stack on top of the shelves waiting for the end of November.  I need to pick the neutrals yet but have to decide what I want to use.  There's a few possibilities.

This year's monthly quilt at Sew Sisters continues to grow. Its Marty Michell's Northern Lights Sampler.  I liked the smaller sized blocks but wanted a quilt to fit my bed so have added extra blocks to make it the size I want.  I still have six more blocks to finish. The first of the six is in the works but I don't like one of the fabrics so I'll have re-cut that. Once these six are done, I think I'm remaking the rolling spools block because its hard to see the spools against the background fabric I used.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Northern lights in progress

The guild chunk of the month top was finished in time for the June meeting.  Mary and Elaine did a good job of design this.  No hints as to what they have in store for us come September.  Elaine has lots of pictures from guild night on her blog here

 Late last year I read about a lady in Toronto who is organizing people to cross stitch the Torah.  We signed up and I spent some time this month stitching.  The pattern indicated to start in the bottom right of the first row.  I did stitch that row from right to left but I don't read Hebrew and found it difficult to stitch that way so I switched and started working from left to right.  Eventually I found a Hebrew/English website to help me understand what I was stitching.  My sister has the stitching now and is finishing off our section.

For this year's monthly quilt, Northern Lights, I did decide that I wanted the smaller blocks but big enough to fit my bed. Means a lot of extra blocks. I've got the blocks for the September class done and have been piecing the parts of the star blocks.  Lots of piles on the end of the cutting board to make stars.  I debated about getting the templates for this quilt but ended up getting them.  I have really enjoyed using them.  Its nice to be able to cut strips and then use the templates to get the correct shapes.  The pieces are going together really easily. 

I ran out of the brown I was using for star points. Fortunately I think I found a good go with and needed to make enough stars for one round. Need to remember to place them correctly when I get there.

I made a list of blocks to be the extras and have started creating cutting charts and piecing those.  The original list of blocks I picked didn't work because I suddenly realized the blocks all needed to have a half square triangle piece of a specific fabric to continue the pattern in the original layout. The new list will let me do that.  There are some blocks in the pattern that are left as half or quarter blocks for the borders.  I think I'll make them again as whole blocks for the centre.  These are all the assembled parts so far -- not in any particular order.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014


One of my favorite quilts is a one block wonder.  I look for the at quilt shows and love to see the original fabric and what it came become when chopped into matching 60 degree triangles.
I bought the first book a few years ago and some flower headed pins the book recommends.  Last spring I bought a fabric to make myself a one block wonder quilt.  Its was a shinny fish fabric

Its been sitting on the corner of my cutting table or in a box on the shelf ever since waiting for me to get a round to it. 
Earlier this year, the guild announced a One Block Wonder workshop in May with Maggie Butterfield Dickinson  So I signed up.  Yesterday was the day. 

In the morning we cut our six matching sections and got everything pinned and lined up nicely.  Then trimmed edges and cut strips.  I took a 60 degree triangle I bought for a workshop with Jackie Black many years ago.  I was thinking this was the first time I've used it since that workshop but I think I did use it for a group exchange as well.  Anyway it got a good workout yesterday.  I cut 2 of the 3 strips into triangles and all 34 sets got sewn during the workshop.  I had them on a piece of flannel at the workshop (the last bunch didn't fit).  This morning I put them back on the design wall (the red triangles are pat of the guild BOM that's to the left of this one)

I'm so pleased with this.  I did see a couple of near identical ones that I may take apart and twist the triangles -- or not.  I'll have to see once the whole thing is coming together how much it bothers me.
Some of my favorites.  I think I'll makes some cubes as well (I borrowed book 2 from the guild library)  Between that and the class notes from Jackie's class I should be good.  An underwater wonder. :)  

I'm Happy Dancing :)