Quilts at Sharon Temple

From Alliston, we headed over to East Gwillumbury and Sharon Temple. I loved the setting.  It was hard to focus on the quilts sometimes.  I kept wanting to move them out of the way.  Lots of lovely quilts though and I enjoyed the show.

Some more fun quilts. The ballarina quilt was made for the lady's grand-daughter who is only two. Grandma is hopeful that the quilt will inspire some dreams. I've seen one other version of the Hart's Content quilt and it was just as fun. The buildings all have fabric specific to what the shop sells. Really fun to examine.
Cecile Lavas - Alanna's Quilt

Cecile Lavas - Alanna's Quilt Detail

Amy Hart - Hart's Content - My Kinda Place

I like this take on a one block wonder. The design was a necessity brought on by lack of fabric but what a wonderful solution to the problem.
Helen Badgerow - Peacock Beauties

Helen Badgerow - Peacock Beauties Detail 1

Helen Badgerow - Peacock Beauties Detail 2

I have a collection of music fabric. A lot of its black and white but the occasional piece has lots of colour. This drew me in as an option for what to do with that fabric. Still thinking.....
Peggy Suter - Making Music

Peggy Suter - Making Music Detail

This collection appealed either because of the applique or the colour or the variety.  The stars in the Garden quilt would have really appealed to Mom.  She liked hexagon quilts.  When I'd find one with tiny hexagon's I'd take a photo for her but she never worked with the super tiny hexagons. 

Helen Badgerow - Scattered Stars

Sandra Reed - Never Say Never

Margaret Jackson - Celestial Garden

Astrid Condon - Spring Bouquet

Joan Levert - Stars in the Garden


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