Fun Quilting this weekend or What Was I Thinking?

They forecast-ed rain for yesterday afternoon so after going to the farmer's market for my Saturday Peameal Bacon Bun followed by picking up Corn-on-the-cob, peaches, cherries, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers and bing cherries, I came down and played with some quilts.

Had a wonderful time but some of this weekends work may evolve into What Was I Thinking.

First up was to get a compass prepared for hand-stitching for Love Entwined.  Part 1 and 2 of this BOM are published.  I'm part way through Part 1 and need to decide what background to use.  I turned under the edges of the compass and its centre and laid them out on 4 different colours -- black, white, pale green and pale pink. 


Pale Green
Pale Pink

I don't have enough of any of them for the background requirements but I liked these ideas. Need to decide soon so I can complete step one which involves many very tiny circles on a ring that surrounds the compass.  This is definitely in the what was I thinking category as I also want to start working on Common Bride. The compass comes from the scrap box -- these all came from Mom's boxes but over time I'll probably mix mine & Moms.  Actually over time, I'll probably combine the boxes into one set where space allows.

Also worked on Road to Llano by Judy Laquidara  Part 1 is done and I've started Part 2.  Its going to be Orange, yellow and maroon.  I'm working on the 9-patches in part 2 and will get some photos of the fabrics shortly.

One of the BOMs that was in Mom's collection was All Things Christmas by Bunny Hill Designs.  Mom had started month 1 which I finished
I'll add the embellishments later on.  Earlier in the week I traced the pieces for month 2 and yesterday got the applique prepared so I can start stitching.

While I was stitching some of the pieces for Road to Llano, I started to put on the borders for one of the guild community quilts.  I took a kit for the summer.  Its a preprinted panel that needs two borders then some quilting.  The top and bottom borders are on so as I start to stitch the 9-patches, I'll get the sides on and then get the second border on so it will be ready to sandwich.

I probably would have stitched away this afternoon as well but ran a few things over to Karen's.  We got a membership to the zoo so after dropping the things at her house and explaining the Steam-a-seam, we headed out there for a few hours.  Got a quick peak at one of the Pandas.  There will be several more trips over the coming months.


  1. Love love the Black !!!!!! Cheers Glenda


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