Alliston Quilt Show - Quilting Among Friends

On our day out last month Karen and I met at a car pool lot and then headed up to the first show in Alliston.  We hadn't really planned on this show because I'd forgotten about it then assumed it was to far away.  A quick check on google maps said it wasn't as far as I thought.  One of the first quilts we saw was a Rosewood Quilt.  I have one of these from the $10 quilt classes out at Hobby Horse.  Mine is waiting to be quilted.  This was done at another quilt shop.

Cathy Conrad-Doll My Rosewood Quilt

 Next were a few fun quilts.  Ditzy Chicks and Funky Cats.  I like the attitude in the chicks and the mice and cheese hiding in the twisted tails of the cats.

Arlene Gibson - The Ditsy Chicks
Senora Baldry - Funky Cats
Senora Baldry Funky Cats Detail

They had a wonderful collection of One Block Wonder quilts.  I bought some fabric and a book last year to make a One Block Wonder but still haven't begun.  I love to see what happens with the technique.  Some of the One Block Wonders in the show had samples of the original fabric on the back.  I think its these transformations that appeal so much.

Maureen Banks One Block Wonder

Maureen Banks - Original Fabric

Maureen Banks - Quilting Detail

Judy Cotter - Escape of the Cranes

Judy Cotter - Detail 1

Judy Cotter - Detail 2

Judy Cotter - Original Fabric
Peggy Feehely - Spring

Shortly after starting to quilt I moved into a two bedroom apartment.  It had a dining room and I bought a pattern to make a wallhanging of shelves of tea cups.  The brown wood grain fabric is still in the stash and I think the tea cup pattern is hiding in the box of patterns.  These two ladies look like they had lots of fun filling their shelves.  The selvedge edges as books is very clever.

Dianne Wyllie - Books Galore

Dianne Wyllie - Detail 1

Dianne Wyllie - Detail 2

Shirley Feldman - Knowledge

Shirley Feldman - Detail 1

Shirley Feldman - Detail 2

The card on the quilt says the pattern for this one is by Edita Satyr.  I have another of her patterns that I want to make.  I think we saw another of this one at the show over at the temple later in the afternoon.  I like to applique so both of these appealed because of the applique.  I was also drawn to the colouring in the roses. 

Judy Cotter - Scrappy Lone Star

Lucie Lachaine - Fancy Roses


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