Hiking on the Bruce Trail

Gerda, you asked a question and for some reason I cannot comment on my blog tonight. Hope I can publish a posting.

When I plan a hike, I look for side trails along the way that help me avoid returning exactly same way I went. Sometimes that works (like this hike) where there was only a couple of kilometers of repeat. Sometimes it doesn't (like this hike) which was turn around around and retrace your steps. I did see a couple of things on the way back that I hadn't noticed going though.

On the Bruce Trail website, if you go here and click on one of the map sections, there are usually some selected hike files for that club. I used several of these when I first started going out to the trail. Most of the ones I used were planned so you go in a circle. Some are linear and you walk back the way you came.

Each of the clubs has organized hikes. Some are public. Some involve meeting at a certain point then car pooling to the beginning of the hike. At the end of the day, the morning drivers get a ride back to where the cars were left. I haven't tried any of these hikes yet but hope to one day.

My sister and I had fun on the trip to Holland. The photo elements class was shortly after that trip so most of the photos I played with for the class exercises were from that trip.


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