Bruce Trail - Toronto Section 25.2 to 29.9

So I decided to do the section from Scotsdale farm back to where I ended yesterday. It simplifies the planning for the rest of the trail. When I parked, this little guy was sitting there and singing. Found different kinds of fungus today. I did see lots of the big plate ones and some of the bells that grow on trees but also found these ones
A lot of the walk today was over swamps so there was lots of sections of boardwalk. This section came out at the edge of Trafalgar Road. Just to make sure you know where you are The hike also went along the side of Highway 7 (the map notes have a bold warning about walking well over on the shoulder and facing traffic. ) This sign is on the side of the highway near where the trail comes out of the bush The trail then went down Sixth Line before going back into the bush. This was my view where I stopped to eat my sandwich. The birds were singing very nicely too. Saw lots of wild grapevines growing along fences and tree stumps. Climbed over the stile. It was missing the landing area on top -- in fact the top is really just the top step of each ladder and is at a weird angle for getting over. Having finally got over I discovered the fence section to the left is open and you can walk around it. Did that on the way back! Having come off the stile (or around it as you prefer), the trail goes through more swampy areas with more boardwalks and bridges
Used the stile at km 25.2 to get a photo before I turned around again. Noticed this wood pile on the way back. Some of the trail sections go through private property. I don't remember a sign indicating that this section was private property but maybe it was. Notice the mossy log next to this section of board walk. Someone was being creative with it And made a little seat.


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