Bruce Trail - Toronto Section 14.4 to 25.2

I started at Limehouse today and walked up to km 25.2 --by the road on the way there and by the proper trail on the way back. Going by the road cut out a couple of km. Then I went back to km 14.4 where I turned around last week. It was about 19km round trip (since I did the road bits in a couple of spots to save distance). Where the side trail from the parking lot joined the main trail, there was tree fungus on the tree by the sign. Starting at Limehouse put me back at the Hole-in-the-wall. The first photo gives a glimpse of the lower ladder from the top of the trail. The second is standing a the top of the ladders and looking down. When you come off the bottom ladder, the trail turns immediately left and goes between a split in the rock. On the way back I sat and sketched the upper ladder
I managed to turn the wrong way when I got down to the next section of the trail. I missed the blazes on the tree again. I really need to watch the trees as well as my feet. This sign shows the different kinds of blazes. Today I was mostly on the main trail so was following white ones. The next spot is the lime kilns and the remnants of an arch of the water way. I had fun playing with the camera settings and blurring the rushing water.
A great deal of the trail today went near fields that have grown corn in the past. I found lots of cobs in the woods. It was a lovely spring day. I think this is a May apple. Kathy sketched one at the end of May otherwise I'd have called it a pretty spring wild flower. Stiles are very handy for getting photos. I did see two large animals today -- there were two ladies riding horses when I headed down to km 14.4. Didn't get photos of them. Beyond that, it was small bugs on tiny grapes Dragonflies on plants Lots of grasshoppers (they've really grown since last week) Busy spiders And lots of catepillars At lunch time I sat in a field of dandelions gone to seed.I'm half way through the Toronto section now. Its 50.5 km long.


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