Bruce Trail Toronto Section -- km 29.9 to 39.0

My shadow and I started out to hike along from km 29.9 to 39. Starting from Scotsdale Farm, there are a number of side trails that helped keep the trip from being there and back like most of there others. The route looked something like this and was about 16.5km. The trail was very muddy in spots. I climbed over this stile before I realized I could have just walked around it. Then I got a good look at the ground. Just as well I climbed over. This tree must have been pretty small when the fence was strung. I saw several spots where the tree had grown over the barbwire fence. I found lots more mushrooms and fungus today. Beige ones, grey ones, orange ones and black ones.
When I climbed to the top of a trail, I found a picnic table! I'd had a yogurt a few minutes earlier but stopped for part of my sandwich and some coffee. It was too good an opportunity to rest and relax. The second photo is what was growing in the hole in the tree to the right of the picnic table.
Can you spot the trail going between the rocks? Sometimes its hard to pick out. Sometimes its nice and easy. I was pretty certain summer was coming when I found these. But then I saw this. Sure hope its just a confused tree. Actually there were lots of leaves with a reddish tinge but usually the other, older leaves on the trees are green. There weren’t as many caterpillars this week but I still found several. Coming back along one of the side trails, I stopped at a pond and found several frogs and a salamander. The Salamander was trying to eat a dragonfly when I first saw him.
I was sitting on a rock getting ready to continue after a break when a cyclist came back and said that a moss-covered snapper was up on the side of the road. I think it was laying eggs. I’m not sure what the big bird did. There were actually several big birds and the little birds were chasing them. Eventually they focused on this one. I had no idea we had spiders this big in Ontario. I’m not sure I wanted to know they grew this big! There were lots of red, black and grey squirrels out today


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