Trust your notes!

I'm still working on the 365 Quilt Challenge blocks. For the current round of dark blocks I had marked that I wanted the 4 baskets for the corner flower blocks to each be one of the colour combinations. It makes the math work out if I add them in.

 I put all the blocks from the 2nd dark border on the design wall on the weekend.

 I also looked at how many I had made of some of the colours and thought I'd better figure out which ones I need to save a block for baskets. Without double checking the layout on the website I started to sketch out where the colours from the last round are and where the current round should go.  The sketch got messy so I found my graph paper and did it more neatly.

 Some how in doing this I changed it from one row of 6" blocks that the pattern shows to two rows of 6" blocks for both the dark and light round. That messed up the math that I had done earlier but I persevered and figure out how many of each colour I should make for the dark round and light round. Then counted how many blocks that was. Way too many for the number of days left in this year. Then I looked at the website, discovered my mistake and got out the eraser. Back to counting colours and figuring out how many of each to do.  I now have a neat chart of how many of each colour and size equivalents to make.

The cutting table is getting a little messy. This is the stack of lights, some of the current darks and the tub of orange scraps.


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