I finally finished my Red, White, Black and Grey Mystery quilt.  Its Debbie Caffery mystery quilt Chip Off the Old Block.  The mystery has a copyright of 2000 but I think I took pieces to trim on a trip to Calgary in 2004/5ish shortly after we had the mystery class out at Hobby Horse.  Elaine led the class.  Unfortunately my spreadsheet doesnt have an start date and there's no other dates on the mystery pattern pages.

We went through all the steps of the mystery over the course of a late night mystery.  Shortly afterwards I went out to Calgary for work.  As I recall since there were tons of triangles to be trimmed, I put them in a little bag with a small mat, ruler and cutter and spent some evening time in the hotel room trimming squares.

This was quilt out at Whirls and Swirls in April.  Its taken a while to get the binding, sleeve and label stitched down.  In the heat, I didnt want it on my lap but I did want to get it finished so draped it over a tv tray and held it up that way.  Nice to have it finally finished.  When the weather cools down, it will be good to have a nap under.

When I quilted this one, I wanted to play a bit with free motion quilting on the long arm so I took a small photo wallhanging. I'd pieced during a class at the old store in Streetsville (quiltessential maybe) in 1996/7.  The photos are of Mom & Karen admiring the ducks at a pond in Timmins, Karen & I get our first roller blading lesson at the Waterfront Festival in North Bay and the family getting ready to go to the Welcome service when Karen entered CFOT.

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