T-shirt Quilt and One Block Wonder

For a long time Karen and I have been talking about making t-shirt quilts. Last month we decided it was time and I took my box of t-shirts to her house and we spent the weekend working on preparing our t-shirts. We were going to use my house but the forecast was for very warm weather that weekend and she has central air :) Over the course of the weekend we rough cut all the t-shirts and got at least half the fusing done.

Today I finished trimming all my t-shirts. Now I need to figure out what size to bring them all up to so I can fit them together. They are all carefully cut out on the same multiple so I should be able to built things up and then assemble the quilt. First I need to get the one block wonder to a point were it can come off the design wall. This morning I worked on the 365 quilt and the last of the one block wonder blocks. As I was trimming the quarter square triangles, I realized that I check more than the centre marking as described in the pattern. The block is to be trimmed to 1.5 inches so the instructions said to make sure that the .75 inch marks are over the centre point. I check that but also look to make sure the four corners at 1.5 are on the seam lines to make sure the block is straight.

I was working the one block wonder blocks as enders and leaders with the 365 blocks the last few weeks but today decided to finish them all when todays 365 block was done. I've been doing them in groups of 8, stitching the two pairs on 8 then going back and adding the third piece. This is all 105 blocks up on the design wall. I haven't spent a lot of time arranging them yet.


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