Still Stitching and Photos for the class so far

I'm still stitching and still keeping up with the 365 Challenge Quilt The last photos I showed were the blue ones for week 2.  I finished week 3 last Wednesday which was 1 blue and 6 purple.  Last night I worked on the week 4 blocks and was up to date until this morning's email came.  Week for will be 2 purple and 5 red.
On the weekend I went back to Whirls n' Swirls and quilted the Red and White Chunk of the Month quilt that was the guild BOM in 2013/4.

 Its still sitting folded up on the end of the ironing board waiting for me to trim and bind it.  The delay is deciding what to use as a binding.  When I got home on Saturday, I pulled a red, a white and then some white with red and red with white prints and laid them along the edge.  Took a photo of the possibilities and am debating.

The prints wouldn't be the ones I use because I don't have enough of those but it gives a general idea of what the possibilities are. I'm still leaning towards either all white since thats the majority of the background or maybe red to act as a frame.

I have been getting photos taken for the photography class.  The first week was about selective focus.  Something I love to do.  The rules are no using old photos.  You have to take the photo after reading the lesson.  At first I had problems getting the photo as I didn't have enough depth in my setup for it to work.  I was going to use some stuffed animals my Grandmother made.  When that didn't work, I tried random shots in my living room but decided I really didn't want to share the clutter :)  Then I noticed my poor ignored cornet and music stand.  I needed to practice so took its picture and that worked really well although it didn't do much for practice time.

The second week was about using line for composition and week three was windows/doors and a bit of editing.  I really wanted to use an old window/door photo as I wasn't going anywhere with interesting doors during the week.  Sunday was just bright enough to make the tree reflect in my windows so I used that.  This week is about getting a tack sharp image (the opposite of week 1).  I seriously considering redoing the cornet photo.  (Its not as ignored lately.)
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  1. Interesting projects that you have going on there. I'm just going to hop on over to the 365 challenge to look at it!


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