Catching up and keeping up

Over the last few days I've actually done some piecing and prepping. Monday I got the backing pieced for the quilt I'm quilting on Saturday. Then cut out and stitched the first five blocks for the 365 challenge Tonight I cut and pieced the bonus block and the other two for week one. Here are my first 8 blocks. All are 3.5 unfinished. 
Monday I also cut out and stitched the lightening row for the guild bom that I was suppose to do in October. At least I thought I had it done until I pressed and realized I'd only done enough pieces for four blocks instead of eight. Got the other for made tonight and now the row is complete and ready to show that I have made at least some progress and should get the next pattern
It's been nice to be piecing again. Except for the mistake with the community outreach kit that I made the Monday night. Still working on plan B for that. 

Linking up with Esther's WOW.  She just annouced a pieced BOM for this year.


  1. You're off to a good start on the 365 Challenge. I salute anyone willing to take that on! The quilt though, will be so worth it. It's a beautiful pattern.


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