365 Week 2

Wednesday evening I got this weeks blocks made for the 365 challenge. In a "we are here" post, she let us know that there are 96 blocks to be made for this dark border. I'm going to work in groups of 8 and do a rainbow. First 8 are green and second 8 are blue. Next up is Purple. After the 6 colours I'll do 6 pairs of colours.

Last night I went downstairs to get some orange scraps for Karen for her 365 challenge blocks. On Sunday when I wanted to trim the quilt to add the binding, I had to move stuff off the cutting table and piled it onto a small table. I looked at the stack last night and thought I should start sorting through it and find homes for things.
Still waiting to be sorted

A few things got put away then I found the table runner from a Guild workshop in February 2014 with Judy Cotter on Celtic quilting. It wanted some borders so I looked at the fabrics I had used in the centre and decided which ones would go where. There wasn't a lot of the colours left but there was just enough to border it and to make a binding. I'll need to plan putting this binding on because there are more joins in it than I care for

Ready for quilting
binding and small piece of left over fabric Just in case! 
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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend! I like the idea of the rainbow of blocks - great way to use some stash, too!


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