Finished a top

I spent most of Saturday work on Road to Llano. The top wasn't wrong sizes it was just in need of a really good pressing.  Whew.  While cutting out the borders in the afternoon, I also got the binding made.  Feels nice to have a top to add to the to be quilted pile.  Sure takes a lot longer when you have to do your pressing :)

I prepared a few extra half square triangles as part of stitching the top together.

In the afternoon, I took a short break and went for a walk.  It was sunny when I was getting ready to go out.  Before I was half way through there was little snow flurries. There were lots of ducks on the creek and several black and gray squirrels.  Then this handsome fellow.  He left a few moments later.  Guess there were no good pickings in that area.


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