Back to some quilting

Yesterday I took a vacation day and went to Elaine's sit and sew.  Its wonderful to have someone do the pressing for you.  Thanks Elaine!  I took the guild block of the month which she designed and stitched together 100 2.5 inch squares.  It should have been 130 but I didn't have enough variety of half square triangles so I left the last three rows off.  I'll make more squares and add the rows.

I also got most of the pieced border for Road to Llano stitched together.  I though I had all but 4 blocks with me but I seemed to be missing some so I'll have to re-count.  There are spare pieces on the sewing table if I need to make a few more.  The 3.5 in squares were made so Elaine "only" need to press joining the blocks.

I thought that would be enough to keep me busy from 9:30 - 4pm but with someone pressing I did much better.  It was a good thing I threw the centre of Road to Llano into the bag just in case cause I did get started at sewing it together.

I realized after stitching the first corner together that I'd turned the two blocks horizontally.  I was about to call on Elaine's ripping service but the consensus of everyone was they liked the blocks turned.  I took two photos one each way and decided I did too so I've turned the rest.  I need to check some measurements though cause as I put it back on the design wall last night, it seemed some rows were longer than others.
Bottom half with dark rows turned verticallyas designed

I use a spreadsheet to track the quilts I've completed and those that are in progress.  It looks like this.  There are 49 entries (gulp) on the todo page not counting a couple of Mom's that I'm doing some work on.  Some of her's have be been added to the list.  I think its reasonably up to date although I'm not certain.  Some I still need to find information for but if I remember to add things to the list I gives me the info I need for the label later on.

The columns are Project, Started, Piecing, Applique, Assemble Top, Borders, Make Binding, baste, Quilt, Bind, Embellishment, Label & Sleeve, Finished Size, Completed, Last Worked, Notes and % Complete (the programmer in me coming out)

Borders are on the agenda today and then maybe I'll get some more of Love Embellished prepared.  It would be nice to get that some more of that prepared and under way.


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