Sorting out the leftovers

The good news is I found the missing blocks and fabric.  The bad news is the book doesn't appear to be in the box and I'm not sure what book I was using.  That will be a bit of a problem when I go to put the thing together someday.

I had put all the left over fabric from O Tannenbaum and the Patchwork Sampler back into their respective cubby holes but left the scraps in the O Tannenbaum box to be sorted into colour families and put into the appropriate plastic shoe box of scraps.  Lots and lots of scraps to be sorted. 

There were also a number of leftover, rejected blocks from the Patchwork sampler and the rejected set of star blocks from O Tannenbaum.  They'll go into the rejected blocks box.  Someday, I'll sort through that box and do something with it them -- or maybe just take the whole thing into guild and see if someone wants to make something.  I'll take a peak when I add these ones to see what might be a good plan.


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