2007 $10 Quilt -- Top Finished.

After taking off the border with a pleat in it, I hung the quilt up on the design wall and noticed it had wobbles so pulled all the borders off.

It took a while to pull the borders off. I think one of my stitch rippers is past its prime. Then re-measured everything at put the borders back on. I hadn't measured well the first time so I had some weird things go on. No wonder there were pleats and woobles. Need to measure carefully.

The top is done now and the binding is made. The top is now on the shelf with other quilts waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. The original pattern didn't have the third border on top and bottom (as shown in the top picture) but I didn't like that so add the top and bottom order border.  This is Patchwork Sampler by Lori Smith

At Christmas club the other day we had a bit of a giggle when one of the ladies said she had misplaced a quilt in her house. I shouldn't have laughed. I think I've misplaced one too. One of my sister's collegues is interested in learning to quilt. Karen emailed to see if I had any books with really good instructions that I could lend the lady. I learned to quilt watching Eleanor Burns make a Christmas Quilt. Fortunately I recorded those episodes. When I decided to make the quilt, I'd watch the episode, read the instructions in the book and go to work. If something didn't make sense, I'd watch that part of the episode again. The beginner quilt class that I took was taught at a quilt store using instructions provided by the teacher.

So neither of those would be useful to the lady. I did make a quilt with Amish type colouring later on using a book and that's the quilt I'm missing. I haven't pulled the shelves apart but I cannot find a box for it and it should be in a project box because as I recall I didn't like the colouring and it still needs to be assembled. I'm not sure I even see the wild print I bought to help liven it up. Guess I'm taking contents of the shelves apart. I'm wondering if that book would be a good beginner book but without finding the project, I can't find the book.  I must really not have liked it as it doesn't even seem to be listed in the Excel spreadsheet.  


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