O Tannenbaum

This years $10 quilt reveal at Cockadoodle Quilt Shop was yesterday (Dec 15th) and this time my quilt was actually quilted and a lot of the embellishments added.  This means the count of finished $10 quilts is now three (OK it still needs a sleeve and label but those are ready to go).

The pattern was O Tannenbaum by Hilary Gooding. The quilt as you go went reasonably well although I didn't read the instructions for the joining strip between the centre and borders and assumed I knew how to join them. Had to change the way I was going to join the borders and centre. It worked OK in the end.

The corner stars were originally done as light stars since but when I put them up I didn't really like them in either position -- beige in or green in. They are too light in comparison to the rest of the quilt. 

So printed out new paper templates and made darker stars which I like much better.

A couple of trips to Micheal's for embellishments finally yielded the right things for the tree as well has snowmen and little trees for the houses I'll have to go back to get some more as I'm short two trees.

I pulled out the patchwork sampler quilt (the 2007 $10 quilt) to add its borders on Friday. Yesterday morning I added what are suppose to be the final two borders but managed to stitch a pleat into the border so later today I need to take the border off. The pattern calls for unequal borders -- three on the sides and two top and bottom. I don't like the look so when I get the sides back on, I'll add one more outer border top and bottom.  The binding is cut but needs to be stitched.

It will be nice to have the borders on and the binding made because that means I can release all the fabric in that bag back to the stash. I want to make Edyta Sitar's Common Bride quilt and some of the fabrics in the Patchwork sampler bag would work well for that quilt.  I want to pull fabrics for the Common Bride so I can see what I need to buy.


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