Quilting this years $10 quilt!

The assignment for this months $10 quilt was to make the beige log cabin squares, add or at least prepare the poinsettia applique and assemble the middle 25 blocks. I'm using a print for the applique and actually have 2 added to each corner. The third one will overlap a seam that isn't sewn yet so its still waiting

Earlier this year, the guild had Martha Schellingherhoud as the speaker and workshop teacher. She ended up teach a quilt as you go workshop a couple of times -- I took the encore session in June. I liked the methods she taught and thought this would be a good quilt to practice on. So I'm busy quilting the centre of the quilt. The middle 15 blocks are all assembled and ready to have the 4 inch section over the join quilted.

The top and bottom borders of 5 blocks each are ready to be quilted. The blue painters tape is to remind me where not to stitch at this point. The beige end squares aren't getting quilted yet as I want to add the third applique first.

Here's the centre 15 blocks all done and ready for the top and bottom rows. They are currently being stitched. The centre 15 were stitched in three sections -- the centre 9 patch and then two rows of three on the sides.  The bit of blue in the top right is a piece of tape I've cut to look like a holly leaf and use a template to quilt around. 

At church in September, when they announced the beginner band they also said anyone could come participate. So along with one other adult (who is in beginner band a second year with his young daughter) and about 6 children, I'm learning to play the coronet. The back of the couch is currently serving as a music stand. Its certainly a challenge to get a nice sound. Sometimes it sounds more like a sick cow than a musical instrument.


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