$10 Quilts

Elaine posted a list of all the $10 quilts she's taught over the last 10 years.  I've done an inventory of the ones I've done.   It looks like only two are fully quilted, some are ready to be quilted and some still need final borders.   

The 2003 quilt was a row quilt with a piano key  border.  I didn't like the border and replaced it with an applique border.  I don't have a photo of the finished top.  The quilt has turned out HUGE and its the one I'm thinking about taking apart and using the quilt as you go techniques I learned at a guild workshop in June.  I don't have a space big enough to get the full photo so took two pictures:

During the year we made this quilt we visited St John's Newfoundland.  My houses are all brightly coloured in honour of the visit except for one which would be my house.  I loved the brightly colour houses.

In 2004 we did two season quilts -- Fall and Spring.  I know that fall is done and often hangs at the top of the stairs.  That's the year that Mom and Karen joined in as well. 

I have two spring tops (mine & Karen's) downstairs in the to be sandwiched stack although mine appears to need some sashing.

The next year we went over the instructions for the winter and summer quilts.  My winter quilt just needs all its applique bits then assembly.  Its currently up on my flannel wall waiting for me to get busy.  One will get the sled but the ice fishing one is changing to be skating (based on an photo of me on my first skates).  The only time I went ice fishing I froze and didn't catch a thing so I'd rather have the skater.

In 2005 we did Welcome to my Cabin.  Mine started out with a cloth version of my townhouse and then got adapted to be more Welcome to my home. The quilting around the house has animal tracks.  I often see cats, squirrels, skunks, possums and raccoons in the complex so I looked up what the tracks for each of these are and used them  I did keep the mountain row from the original pattern as I would love to have mountains in sight but I haven't never figured out how to get one into the suitcase to bring home as a souvenir.

Both Karen & Mom also worked on this quilt.  Moms top is finished and Karens is still in pieces as she moved overseas before the class ended.  She's home now but this quilt hasn't come back out yet.
In 2006, we worked on Wish upon a Star. 
This one is finished, quilted and often on my bed.  I ended up taking the crayons to the little white squares as I decided they shouldn't be white but didn't want to remake the little squares.  Mom's quilt is also done and quilted. 
In 2007 we did a Patchwork sampler.  Mom's top is pretty much done.  Mine needs its final borders. 
I think I have the inner border picked out now thanks to the sit and sew day last week so I need to put it up on the wall and check then add the borders.
In 2008, we made Rosewood Cottage.  My top is finished and I think this is one of the sandwiched ones on the shelf waiting for me to get going quilting it.  A few of the pieces got replaced with Callee related block as this is the winter we lost Callee.
In 2009 was Nana's Farm.  It was another one that got modified a lot.  I actually did do a some of the applique from the original quilt pattern but then started to add photos and ended up replacing the applique with photos.
In 2010 I took the year off.  The plan was to do some catchup but that didn't really happen.
In 2011, Christmas Heartlight was the choice and I actually had purchased that pattern several years earlier and was trying to figure out what fabrics to use.  The top is finished but needs quilting and its holly berries.
This year I'm working on O Tannenbaum through Cockadoodle Quilts. 


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