Upper Canada Village

After Fort Henry, we headed over to Morrisburg to visit Upper Canada Village.  I remember visiting the village one year during a family camping trip and I think I was there once since then.  The mills were all running but in the 19th century they wouldn't have all run at the same time.  The saw mill would work in the spring cutting up lumber for the coming building season.  About the time the cutting was done it was time for shearing and the woolen mill would take over.  Then in the fall when the wheat was harvested, the flour mill would start up.  By each using their own particular time, they could share the mill pond.

In the saw mill, these pieces where save up on a rafter.  I saw two owls.  The gentleman said ET is in there too.

Bags of flour waiting to go to the bakery or the store.

The mill stones came from Europe in pieces as ballast.  Once re-assembled, the miller had to make all the grove lines and little notches to help mill the wheat

Watching out in case someone moves him to a spinning rack

Spindles ready for a loom

Teasel for brushing the woolen blankets.  I look for teasel when I go hiking.  I like to see it develop its purple flower -- they look like they are getting head bands on.

A few minutes after we got to the blacksmith shop, one of the farmers came in with this horse.  The horse had lost a shoe and so the blacksmith put on a new one.  I didn't realize there are grooves on the bottom of the horse's hoof -- I thought it was a solid hoof. 

Finishing up the shoe.
The next day, we drove from Morrisburg to Quebec City.  Very few pictures got taken on that drive.  We stopped at the Bonjour Quebec centre just inside the border and got lots of brochures for the areas we were to visit.  The staff at every centre we went to were very helpful.  


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