Sit 'n Sew Results

I went to Elaine's Pampered Sit 'n Sew yesterday as part of this weeks vacation activity.  It was a productive day and led to a productive Thursday and Saturday.

Thursday I cut out the house for the $10 quilt assignment this month and did some of the assembly -- ended up with all the little sections done and ready to start building the house Friday at Elaine's.  By lunch on Friday, the house was done and the next $10 quilt class isn't until October 20th.  Something wrong with that but atleast I won't have to be up late on the 19th.

Next I took the half square triangles I needed to make from this 2007 $10 quilt.

124 are needed for one of 2.5 the borders on this quilt.  (The third border only goes on two sides -- I still may change that). This week I got busy and cut the rest of the squares then marked them and paired them up one evening.  They got sewn, cut and Elaine pressed them.  THANKS!  Watched three episodes of History of Scotland last night and this morning and now they are all trimmed and organized to sew together for one of the borders.

I didn't really think I'd get to it but at some point I bought a flannel quilt kit out at Hobby Horse so I put the fabrics for the centre into the bag.  I figured if I got that far I certainly wouldn't get to the borders.  I should have thrown the border fabrics in cause I probably could have gotten at least one of the one before leaving.  however, by the time I left, the centre was cut, sewn and pressed.  The borders got added this afternoon.

The binding is even made and ready for the quilt when I get there.

Need to pick a backing for this one and get it quilted.  For now its on the to be sandwiched shelf with its leftovers.  

Dinner is on the stove now.  I think I'll look to see what other little jobs are waiting to complete on a quilt.  I'd like to get a couple more done as the guild is having its show in the spring.  


  1. All your projects are great. What is this $10 class? Sounds like fun and that 2007 quilt is gorgeous!

  2. It's a year long class. You pay $10 at the beginning of the year. Each month there's an assignment to do for the quilt. If you return the next month with the assignment done, you continue without paying any more money. If you don't complete the assignment , it costs another $10 to continue with the class. Generally we don't meet during the summer so there's a bigger assignment to do between the end of June and September. It's amazing to see the differences in all the quilts as we go and in the final results.

  3. Anonymous11:27

    Helen Anne,

    That is quite an impressive array of quilts. Seeing Tannenbaum has made me yearn to start mine. This blog was fun and like seeing a private viewing of a trunk show. Thanks Helen Anne. Very inspiring. Pat E


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