ROM and Not Queen Anne's Lace

Last weekend I went to the Royal Ontario Museum on Saturday to see the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit. No photos are allowed in the special exhibit area. Ten fragments were on display. Not all the scrolls are books of the Old Testament. There are some that sound like they are commentaries and some are rules for community living. I think it was a total of 400 scrolls found. They’ve pieced together all the fragments and there are books available of the translated scrolls. I’d made a reservation to go up to C5 for Afternoon Tea. I finished looking at the scroll exhibit and had time to wander through another part of the museum. The museum website has a couple of pod casts that I’d downloaded so I played the Egypt one and wandered through that section. The beaded piece is a covering for a mummy. It’s a richer colour of Blue in real life. I need to learn to take photos through the glass cases. The papyrus fragment is part of the Egyptian Book of the Dead that the museum has on display. One of the figures is the dead man appearing before the gods.
Then it was off for afternoon tea. The restaurant is on the fifth floor. I had a window seat. This was the view from the table.
There was a very tasty piece of quiche before the tea tray arrived. The bottom level had some little tastes. Then the top two layers had sweets and the scone. Take a closer look at the side of the tea pot. It was very shiny!
The restaurant wasn't very busy so before I left, I went to the window and took a couple of photos of the view
I also took pictures of some vases and carvings while I was wandering at the museum. I like the lines on the bottom of this pot and the carving in this warrior.
On Sunday I went for a walk at Riverwood in Mississauga. There are trails there that go down by the Credit River. I saw this plant. I thought it looked like Queen Anne’s lace on steroids (the plant is taller than I am). I was busy taking photos looking up at the flower when two city workers stopped. They’d been cleaning up storm debris when I passed them a few minutes earlier. They warned me I was getting too close to the plant and that it is poisonous. The oil is corrosive if you get in on your skin. Apparently its called Giant Hogs Weed or Cow Parsnip and belongs to another family of plants, like mushrooms – some are very edible and tasty and some are very poisonous and deadly. Good reason to just take photos. I was really pleased that they took the time to stop and warn me when they saw me getting too close. Yesterday I went for a photowalk in Midland as part of a world wide photowalk. I'm still sorting through the photos I took of the dock area. I need to pick my favorite 1 or 2 to upload to the walk site before next weekend.


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