Bruce Trail -- Finished Toronto Section, Start Caledon Hills Section

On Saturday I went out to finish the Toronto Section of the trails from km 46.2 to 50.5 then the beginning of the Caledon Hills trail to see the badlands. Came across this old car wreck around km 48.3 (its on the closed portion of Boston Mills Rd).
The trail then follows the road to the end of the Toronto Section at the corner of Boston Mills & Creditview Rd. Didn't find a trail marker to indicate the switch of clubs at this end, just the blazes on the pole to turn left to keep following the trail. There are lots of farms in the area. Lots of cut hay in the area but not many are in rolls yet -- too much rain I guess. A short ways up Creditview Rd, the trail goes off the road again. This is the edge of the badlands area. At first, this was the only part I saw. A little disappointing. But a little ways on, I came to another road that the trail was crossing. I could see cars parked up a little ways, so I walked up the road and this was my lunch view Badlands are unusual in Ontario because usually the shale is protected by harder rock. They think this area started to form in the early 1900s when the land was cleared for cattle grazing. Much of the area is closed to try to preserve and rejuvenate it.
I heard something large go crashing and snorting off into the woods first thing in the morning (tan backside with white on its tail but it moved fast and I couldn't get a good look). Beyond that, butterflies, bees and birds were mostly what I saw.
Before I left the Bruce Trail, there was one more glimpse of some of the badlands. Instead of turning around and retracing my steps when I got to km 3.8, I followed the Caledon Trailway Link Side Trail to reach the Caledon Trailway. The Trailway follows an old railroad bed and is very flat, easy walking. Along the way, there was the remains of a Brick works factory. It appears to have been very large. There were several chimneys and 3 or 4 visible buildings on the site.


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