Bruce Trail -- km 42.8 - 46.2

The office is closed today in honour of Canada Day. It was suppose to rain all day but when I got up this morning, the forecast was no rain until mid afternoon so I decided to grab my stuff (including boots this time!) and head out for a short hike. Good thing I took the boots. Although it was a mostly smooth, level trail again, it was also a very muddy trail in sections since we've had a lot of rain since Saturday night. Almost as soon as I started down the trail, I saw this dragonfly. I'm amazed at the variety of colours they come in. This is the path I was following. As soon as you enter the dark hole in the middle of the trees The path opens out into this Saw lots of mushrooms today. I borrowed a book from the library to get a general idea what some of these are. Not exact names as there isn't enough details in a photo to determine that. One the same page in the book, some mushrooms are edible, some are undetermined and some are very poisonous. So I'm sticking with admiring and photographing. The second one seems to belong to an Ear family. Sometimes the sun peaked through clouds and trees and sometimes it stayed hidden. Did fun things to the lighting in the woods. This wall went off in both directions. I'm guessing it was a boundary wall at some point in the past but the notes don't say. More mushrooms. There's a Coral Family that these appear to belong to.
On the way back, I found half an egg -- robin maybe? I looked up but didn't see any nests. I did see a female robin a little way down the trail This fungus was furry. Again I think maybe it belongs to the Ear family. The path on the km 45 & 46 was very muddy. Having tip-toed through the mud (my boots and pants need a good cleaning), I came to this bridge. Made it back to the car and no rain drops. When I came downstairs a bit ago, still no rain drops. Saturday is suppose to be a nice day (according to today's forecast) so I should be able to finish the Toronto Section of the trail then. Just km 46.2 to 50.5 to do. I'll do some of the Caledon Hills section as well as the badlands are at the beginning of that section and I'd like to see them. The badlands in Alberta were pretty impressive.


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