PSE7 Lesson 3

This little creature was rustling in the fallen leaves next the picnic table at work In this one, I selected the background colour from his fur and had feather set to 100. Here, the background is still his fur colour but I changed the feather to 25 Then changed the background colour to white This is using method 1 of putting the selected area on a transparent background This is a Errwood Reservoir in the Peak District of England. I selected the sky and reservoir separately so I could play with the levels independently. This poppy was growing at the edge of a farmers field in the Cotswolds. I tried the Black & White switch as well as the night brush


  1. Helo Helen Anne - I'm one of your fellow students at PSE7, but when I got to your blog I got interested in your quilts - they're beautiful, you're my kind of person.
    Aartje Smith


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