Basting a Quilt

Normally this is where I have the design wall but when it comes time to baste quilts, the flannel sheet comes down. I try to find two black lines in the paneling that are the correct distance apart and put the push pins into them so that the pin holes aren't as noticeable. Here the backing is pinned tightly to the wall (wrong side out). I make the assumption that the ceiling is level and pin the top edge the same distance from ceiling all the way along. Then pull the fabric down and run more pins along the bottom. Finally pins along the two sides. Here is part of the quilt I'm currently basting. I peeled back the batting and the quilt top so you can see the backing pinned to the wall.
Once that's up, I take the lint roller to backing and remove any threads and dust before pinning the batting in place. I use straight pins to pin the top edge of the batting near the top edge of the backing and smooth it in place.
Next the quilt top gets pinned in place and smoothed. Sometimes I measure again from the ceiling and sometimes from the edge of the backing.
Once its into place, I start thread basting. Usually running horizontal lines so that most of the basting is done standing up. When the basting starts to get near the bottom, I sit in the sewing chair and lower it to an appropriate height for where I'm working. Then roll along basting that line. I even basted this way when I lived in an apartment building. If you are careful it doesn't leave obvious marks in the wall where the needle goes through.
This quilt is a mystery quilt I did many years ago through a local quilt shop. I need to find the pattern and date.


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