I'm reading Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and working my way through the exercises. The first hand picture (holding the sketch book) was done just as I was starting the chapter that has you tracing your hand on a view plan. The second hand picture is after tracing my hand several times. I didn't do the exercise correctly as I traced the hand then drew it. Forgot I was suppose to transfer the markings to the page. The steps, nesting tables and end tables are all after reading the chapter on perspective and measuring something in the scene with your pencil and drawing everything relative to that measurement. Callee doesn't approve of my trying to trace her on the view plane or my trying to measure the distance between her ears relative to the height of her ears.
Holding Sketch Book June 28Sleeping Callee Cat June 29EDM # 10 - Hand after tracing on view plane June 29
EDM # 61 - Nesting Tables July 10EDM # 23 - My Foot while curled up watching TV July 11EDM # 29 -- Steps the proportions are too small for the teddy bears to be on the steps July 12
EDM #2 - End Table & Lamp July 13


  1. These are coming along great! I think you'll be amazed at how fast your drawing will improve if you follow that book seriously. Nice work!

  2. These are well done, especially the nesting tables. You nailed the perspective on that one!

  3. Great sketches. Hope to see many more.

    I went through half the book. It's what got me started 3 years ago. Unfortunately we moved and we didnt get our hands on the luggage for close to 9 months :D I will get back to it one of these days.

  4. That is one of the best books! You will be so amazed at your progress. These are wonderful and you are coming along quite well. Love the one of your Calle. I love kitties.


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