Bruce Trail -- Spencer Creek Gorge and the Old Dundas Station Loop

Today I went for a hike on the Bruce Trail following the Spencer Creek Gorge trail. It took about 3 hours to walk around the loop (6.2KM). Filled the drinking bladder which worked really well but ran out near the end of the trail. The trail starts with a view of Tews Falls. The falls are 41m high -- Niagara Falls are 50m high. The current here is no where near what the current at Niagara is though as I saw a family wading at the top of the falls only a few feet from the edge!
Found this little guy crawling along the side of some steps so played with the macro setting on the camera:
This is the first of many sets of stairs on the walk... The trail is really well marked. The white blazes are the main trail and the blue ones are a side trail. This pole says the main trail goes straight forward and a side trail turns left. I went down the side trail. There were a number of little butterflies enjoying the flowers. I'm still playing with the macro setting on the camera.... This is part of the path. It looked and felt very isolated but it must go very close to a major road at times because in some areas the traffic noise was very loud. Money still doesn't grow on trees but apparently mittens do....
Lots of interesting plants. No I didn't sample the raspberry -- someone else did.
The trail went down to the valley and beside a railway line. The write up says its a tram line that served a quarry many years ago. It was time to climb back up again. This is the start of the climb back up. The next set of stairs I thought was a rock slide until I got close to it and saw it was more steps. Having finally climbed all the way up, the trail went all the way back down again to follow Spencer Creek leading up to Websters Falls (28m) Again, the current at the top mustn't be very strong as there were people at the edge of the falls at the top.
To leave the falls, more steps. At first just the stone ones, then 123 metal ones. It was nice to see the last set of steps on the way back to the car.


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