EDM #121 -- Draw some coins

The first coin is a nickel from 2005. It was issue to commemorate 60 years since Victory in Europe. Its a repeat of the original 1945 design. The bunny nickel was the first non-quarter special coin I saw.


  1. Anonymous22:21

    A bunny nickel??? Very cool! Nice detail work1 I'd love to see some of your exercises from Betty Edward's book! I have some posted on me blog, in the archives, if u'd like to see!

  2. Welcome to EDM. The scan seems fine to me. I've never seen a rabbit coin before - we would never have such an image in Australia - they are such pests here.

  3. Hope you enjoy EDM. Please keep sharing your sketches. I found the link to Fast Friday Fabric Challenges on your blog - and may use some of the challenges as inspiration since sketching has pushed innovative quilting to the back burner.

  4. The bunny coin sounds fun! :-D These scans look fine, and I'm not sure what you're not happy about with them. Still, if you're scanning pencil drawings, I find it is best to use the color photo setting (even though there's probably an option for a line drawing) and then adjust your contrasts from another program (like Picassa -- which is really easy to use for simple editing and posting.) Glad to see you at EDM!

  5. How cool to have a bunny on a nickel. You guys really do have the coolest money! This a great sketch! Keep up the good work.


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