November Goal

 I keep getting sidetracked at the beginning of the month and forgetting to create a goal to link up with Patty's One Monthly Goal  Over the summer I didn't do much quilting but spent some time working on cleaning up my Lightroom Library and cataloging photos and learning more about photoshop.  The last couple of months, I've puttered at my version of the guilds BOM for Canada's Sesquicentennial in 2017, finished the top for my Cherrywood challenge and started some online classes with a class pass from Thimbles and Things  

One of the classes was walking through a slightly different way to approaching paper piecing a Violet Craft pattern (elephant, wolf, leopard, unicorn etc).  I really don't like paper piecing but keep seeing patterns I like that require paper piecing.  So I took the class and learned a new technique.  The instructor had us download the free butterfly pattern to start with and I also downloaded the Field Mouse and that was the pattern I worked on the rest of the class rather than committing to one of the large patterns.  

Here's my little mouse all dressed up and ready to go.  Lots of tiny pieces - it might almost have been better to paper piece the traditional way for this one.  I enjoyed the class and learned a new technique which is always good.  I'm still not ready to commit to one of the big patterns though.

I'm also working on the Abstraction quilt and Long Time Gone classes

Abstraction fabrics
Longtime Gone

This is the guild BOM as far as I have it

There are a number of blocks that need to be zig zagged and I still have a few more blocks to make for the last row.  Once everything is zig zagged, I'll have to decide on an arrangement.  So far these are just put up on the wall was I finish them.

This month I need to finish the Diana challenge -- quilt and bind.  That's the main goal.  There won't be pictures of the completed challenge until the new year but I need to make a test sandwich and try out some quilting -- I have a new thread I want to try before committing to using it in the piece.

 I'm working on several other things as well -- the BOM, the Abstraction quilt and Longtime Gone.  As much as I'd like to finish some of these, the Diana piece really needs to be done before I end up quilting it over the Christmas holidays.  So bonus will be what ever else I get done on these other projects.  I would like to push the Abstraction quilt a bit further as our last class is on Monday and I'd like to have more of the components ready for when we discuss the setting.  


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