Gravity quilt

I finished the centre blocks last weekend and even remade some of the ones I had made originally as I didn't like them in the setting. I had misunderstood what was going on with the outer ring. After staring at the blocks for a bit I decided they would bug me and they need to be redone. Fortunately they are fairly easy to do.

This week I've been working on cutting out the background so I can start stitching those blocks. Tonight I finished that and laid the first three background blocks out for stitching this weekend. The yellow flower pins have letters written on them to remind me which fabric is which. For the most part it's easy enough to tell but the darkest two are very close in colour.

I'm looking forward to being able to assemble the top. As I look at it on the wall I see six hearts and am thing some heart shaped quilting in those sections would be good.


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