February Review and March Goal

The note book and task master list that Elaine described here and here is working well.  I haven't been colour coding my lists but I may try that for a bit and see how I like it.

In February I finished the binding and labeling of the tulip blocks.  These were made in our Swap a Block group in the late 90's I think.  It was the perfect piece to try quilting from the front on the long arm.

Before quilting the little top, I had played for a bit with some flannel, batting, insulbrite and fabric.  These got turned into thermos covers for hiking.  Two tall ones for Tea (in cold weather) or Lemonade (In warm weather)  I had meant to make the tops a bit differently on these ones than on the original one I made last year but forgot.  There’s enough room though to wiggle a finger in between the Velcro so it will work.

In February I went to the guild retreat over Family Day weekend.  It was Friday to Sunday so I took a vacation day and drove over after my swim Friday morning.  It was a fun weekend.  Lots of chatting, learning new things and ooohhhhing over projects.  I took some scrap bins and got 6 blocks for Canada’s Big Quilt Bee made.  Four were made using Sesquecential material supplied by guild and two from material I had purchased to make blocks.  I’ve given them all into the guild.  At the March meeting they announce we’ve made just over 300 blocks.  The goal is to have enough blocks to make 1000 quilts for Ronald McDonald Houses in Canada.  It’s combined with the Canada Quilt Association 2017 show and with Canada’s 150th anniversary this year.

I did get all the Flakey Friends top assembled at the retreat.  There were 7 stars, 3 snowmen and 2 stars to blanket stitch before I could assemble the quilt.  The one star and an arm needed to be added since they overlapped a border.  I was really pleased to get the top finished.  The next weekend I went out to Whirls and Swirls and quilted it.  It has a plush back and flannel top so its very cozy.  I finally was able to sit and read while snuggled under it last night.  

I had taken the guild mystery to complete the February step and discovered that the blocks weren’t actually square.  So either some seams are too wide or some of those jelly roll strips weren’t actually 2.5 inches.  I left the blocks to deal with when I got home.  Then I starched the triangle corner on one side of each square and removed, trimmed and added the corner back.  At that point I was able to complete the February step which was to sew four blocks together.  The small pin wheels is where the blocks are sewn.  This months step is to sew the centre of the quilt together. 

The room we use for sewing at the retreat is the Ballroom and is used for a lot of wedding receptions.  There were a few couples came for a tour while we were there.  A few people peaked in to see what we were doing and got invited in and given a tour.  One of the brides that came for a tour, sent us a nice note for letting them come in and a plate of cookies to help the sewing on Saturday.  Yum.  Many thanks!

My March goal is to get the top completed for my Gravity Quilt.  I have three more centre blocks to stitch and then I need to cut and assemble the background.  I’d like to get it quilted this month as well but if I can get the top ready to quilt that will be a good accomplishment. 

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  1. The gravity quilt will be beautiful. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.


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