2017 Planning

2017 Planning Party

The 2016 planning had mixed results. Probably because I saw post and created the list at the last minute. I am really pleased though with what was accomplished. I'll look at that another day.


 The spreadsheet still has 52 things on it but the completed tab has 51 completed things.

 1. I've already thought about what 12 things I would like to move along or complete next year. Elaine has a series going for Motivational Monday's so I spent some time thinking about those.  For 2017 I'm going to work on these twelve things:   Some will get fully finished.  Some will probably just get moved along.  The Common Bride is a big quilt.  Love Entwined is also big but I think I'm stopping once the centre is completed.  Still lots of applique to do there though.  Each month I'll be picking on to work on and then deciding what can be done in the month.  January's goal is to get caught up on this years Guild BOM and then put in  place a keep up goal for the rest of the guild year.


2.  I've pre-purchased some more hours at Whirls 'n Swirls so I'll be going back to get some more tops quilted.  Some of what remains would be better with custom quilting rather than overall pantographs so I'll be working on that this year.  I'd like to get atleast 6 tops quilted.  Again 12 would be nice but 6 would make me happy.

3.  I've purchased some fabric to make blocks for the CQA big block bee for 2017.  The guild is also going to participate so I have a piece of fabric from them.  These need to be done before the Quilt Canada in June.


1.  Continue with the weekly photo assignments.  I'm still considering how to do this.  I need to make a decision soon as the one option has a deadline coming up

2.  Continue organizing the photos I have and culling the duplicates and junk that should have been culled a long time ago.  I did make progress on this in 2016 although not as much as I would have liked.  At least I came up with a method this year so know what has been dealt with and what hasn't.  Identify photos to share.  I have several options for sharing so part of this will be picking how and following through 

3.   I get access to Lynda.com with my library card.  There are some training courses there for Photoshop.  I have two picked out that I want to go through in the first couple of months so I can get more use from photoshop hopefully it will improve my thrash around until it works or I give up method

Had to switch and finish this post on the tablet because the computer is giving issues today.  I hope the badge at the top takes you to the quilting jet girl website to the rest of the 2017 planning part info.

Edited:  link post is here:   2017 lists



  1. Thank you so much for linking up. Making a list of one project to focus on each month is very wise and I hope it works well for you. I hope you have a wonderful 2017!


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