Photography Class

This year I signed up to take Ricky Tims photography class.  Last year it was run as a year long class.  This year, the initial commitment was 26 weeks.  I've enjoyed the last 26 weeks and have signed up for the second session of 13 weeks.  I missed submitting photos for 3 weeks -- Street Photography, Zooming and the first do-over.  I couldn't get the zooming to work that week.  I had done it before with Christmas lights but I wasn't satisfied with any of my attempts and I didn't spend enough time trying.  The other two weeks I just never got around to taking photos that week. Overall I'm pleased with the collection, in particular the Golden Hour, Loved Ones and Celebration photos.  My goal for this class was to keep up.  On the whole, I'm pleased.  I still plan to go out and try that street photography assignment.  The zoom photo worked when I tried a zoom during the stuck in place assignment. 

Selective FocusLine
WindowsTack Sharp
One ShapeFork
Black and WhiteAbandoned
Golden Hour
DreamscapeEditted with suggestions
Loved OnesRed
Mirror Montage - this is a mirrored photo of a statue in Guelph called a Garbasorus which is made from some of the junk pulled from the river.The Road
PanningStuck in Place - plant the tripod and take pictures from that spot.  You can only move a step away from that spot and need to spend atleast an hour taking photos. The tall photo shows where in the yard I started from.
ElementsDO Over #2
Do Over #2 with suggestionsCelebration


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