A Photo Scavenger Hunt Part 1

Earlier this month Melissa of Daily Life posted some of the photos she had taken for a scavenger hunt hosted by Rinda.  I'd seen Melissa's scavenger hunt photos last year but forgotten about it.  Since we are early in the summer, I thought I'd start working through the list myself.  I was originally going to use some photos taken since June 1st when the list was published but decided that for the moment I'd use photos I've taken since I saw the list.  I may go back and change that later in the summer if I'm missing pictures that I did take in that time period.

1. A "wild heart" - a naturally occurring heart. This is the knot hole shadow cast by the fence on the sidewalk into the complex I live in.

2. A footprint or paw print. The zoo uses painted paw prints on the pathways to indicate different pathways through the zoo. If you follow the large blue foot prints you get an overview of the zoo. This photo generated a conversation with two of the zoo volunteers who were standing nearby and trying to figure out what I was crouching down to get a photo of.

3. A skeleton, bone or x-ray. Also from the zoo, this is part of a replica of a skeleton of a Bowhead Whale. They can be 10m long and 60 tonnes. Some have been found with 100 year old harpoon heads embedded in them!

17. Twins These are the twin Pandas born at the Toronto Zoo last October. We went early, for the members viewing, one morning and they were quiet active until the male decided a nap was in order. The male is Jai Panpan and the female is Jai YueYue. The zoo has lots a good selection of photos of the twins here One of the videos shows a twin being born.


  1. I think that is the best, cutest twin photo I have seen!


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