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The other weekend, Karen and I spent the day at Quilt Canada. We had planned a hike but sore foot prevented that. We had a wonderful time looking at the quilts. We met Dad for lunch at a cafe across the street for lunch before heading back to finish going through the show. I was spending the weekend at Karen's because Dad had come down for Father's day. Since I was still behind on the 365 challenge, I took my fabric with me and spent some of the evenings cutting out the blocks that I needed to catchup on. I'd been wondering if my cutting mat needed to be replaced. Cutting at Karens convinced that the answer was YES. Cutting required a great deal of effort and pressure. At Karen's it didnt feel like I was fight the mat. So one of my purchases at Quilt Canada was a new mat. What a treat to cut on! This past weekend I got a new blade for the big cutter and it now floats through fabric without any effort at all. Good tools are very helpful. At the Trendtex Challenge, I found a few quilts I really like. The challenge is a silent auction and I bid on one quilt. After lunch, I went back and found I had won the bid for a quilt by Susan Wilson of Armstrong BC called Coming Gnome. I need to find a good place to hang it up. Currently its in the basement.

Susan Wilson, Armstrong, BC   Coming Gnome

These are some of my favorites from the show. Ruth's Butterflies are huge. Its a very dramatic quilt to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.
Ruth Kennedy, Fergus, Ontario You still give me butterflies. You still give me butterflies Detail

I like the dimension and detail in the Haida quilt and polar bears. The Haida quilts dimension is 3D but the polar bears are done through value.
Maureen Carefoot  Haida Gwaii First Nations Ceremonial Cloak Judith Panson Polar Bear Plunge

At first glance I thought the light house was closely quilted but a close inspection reveals its very fine piecing! Lots of work but adds a lot to the lighthouse
Leslie Forbes Greens Point Lighthouse Leslie Forbes Greens Point Lighthouse Detail

You can read more about Elaine's Quilt here What a fun way to use the plates.
Elaine Theriault Mississauga, ON Once Upon a Row by Row Jean Hillis,  Adagietto.

Karen Brwer  Apparations of the Night Ann Marie Patrick Firebird II

I've taken lots of photos of mushrooms while hiking. These are wonderful. They werent just appliqued on the top but are 3D and have lots of texture
Ann Marie Patrick Toadstools Ann Marie Patrick Toadstools Detail

Its amazing the detail and shading that can be achieved with fabric. Birdie McLean's quilt looks like several places on the Bruce Trail and makes me want to walk down that trail and see what's in the River Valley.
Jan Clark We are One.  The six oceans depict the 24 hours in a day Birdie McLean The River Valley Beckons

Gwynneth Reid  Horned Puffins Gwynneth Reid  Horned Puffins Detail

I'm still trying to decide if there's sashing in Nature's Garden or if its carefully quilted to suggest sashing. I'm inclined to thinking its a suggestion and I like that idea.
Sandra Dammizio  Nature's Garden Victoria Gray Great Blue Herons

This was entered as a traditional quilt. I can see the blocks and traditional elements but I'm still not sure I've cracked the code to the quilt. The blocks rotate across the quilt top.
Tannis Fahlman Crackin' the code


  1. So much whimsy, I love them all!

  2. What a lot of lovely quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So beautiful! I love visiting faraway quilt shows online! Thanks for sharing.


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