Ontario Regiment Museum Visit

On Father's Day we went to visit the Ontario Regiment Museum in Oshawa, Ontario. It is a very interesting museum and well worth a visit. The regiment dates back to the early 1800's. Ontario refers to Ontario County which was part of Upper Canada prior to confederation. This sign explains the Regiment's history.

The museum has the largest collection of operational historical military vehicles in Canada. We arrived at the museum just as a group of vehicles were returning from a parade in Oshawa. Rather than visiting the inside displays, we were taken through to the back so we could see the vehicles being put away.
We explored the collection outside.
Dad is a Bob so a photo with the tank Bobby seemed appropriate. Dad is watching more vehicles come into the compound.

Karen is checking out the driver's seat in this vehicle. None of them are spacious and none looked comfortable.

Inside, there are displays that trace the history of the regiments service through history. There is information about the evolution of gas masks during WWI, examples of cards sent by a soldier to his girl during WWI, some cartoons featuring Herbie. One very moving display is a helmet made by some local high school students which features a silver petal for each soldier who fell in Afghanistan and a red petal with Thank you written on it by students in the Multiple Exceptionalities Class at the school


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