Quilt Retreat

On the weekend I went to the guild quilt retreat at Elmhurst Inn and Spa.  It was a really nice weekend.  The food was great (some issues but the staff dealt with them swiftly); the massage was wonderful after a long day of sewing; I got to know some members at little more; and I'm pleased with what I accomplished.

On Friday, I worked on block number 3 of the Splendid Sampler  I had it cut out, marked and ready to piece.  When I first joined the guild, once a year there was an exchange of 6" piece of fabrics.  You brought in 12 sets of 12 and went home with a different 12 sets.  I've never done anything with the stack of fabrics I ended up with so decided that I'll use that for the sampler since the blocks will all be 6 inch blocks.  I wonder how much will get used.

Block 3Block 1 & 2 prepared earlier

As leaders and enders I started stitching pairs of 6" blocks from an I Spy bag I took from the community outreach table at guild last month.  The bag looks like it was probably made from the 6" pieces of fabrics we exchanged.  Over the weekend, I got 9 - 9 patches made.  I need to fix one then give them a good pressing, square them up and I'll cut them for disappearing 9 patches tops.  Need to look up the sizes for the outreach quilts.  Once I see what the blocks look like completed, I'll decide which size top to make.  There are still lots more squares in the bag that I can use as more leaders and enders to make more 9 patches.

Friday I also worked on the guild block of the month.  I got the Hudson bay blanket stripes completed and the log cabin row started.  Saturday I finished the log cabin row and made the dawn over the mountain block.  When working on the log cabin row, I noticed the copy right on the middle fabric.  Guess that fabric has been aged long enough :)
Dawn over the mountain
fabric aged long enough?

Hudson Bay blocks
Log cabin row.  There are 8 log cabin blocks
Guild rows so far on top of many other things
noon over the mountain (made previously)

I took the snowflakes from the flakey friends quilt and got 4 more snowflakes stitched.  Its been a while since I worked on these but fortunately I wrote the setting I was using on a scrap of paper that some how didn't get lost.  I've attached it to my practice piece now and taken it photo just in case.

flakey friends so far  8 done.  12 to go

The other project I looked at was the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt from 2014.  The double diamond blocks are now stitched in their pairs and some are trimmed.  Need to trim the rest.  I spent some time going through the pattern and what I had done and now have a good idea of what's left to do.

While I didn't have any big tada moments where a top or quilt got finished, I moved several things along which was my goal. It was fun to spend the weekend with the other ladies and to see the quilts they worked on and be inspired by their quilts. I'm looking forward to seeing some of those that weren't tops as show and tell at guild.
Linking up with Esther's WOW.  Looks like she has painted some stencils then quilted them.  Looks intriguing.


  1. Retreat is the best time to sew those bits which gets pushed aside when other projects become more important, The Splendid Sampler is a great way to use fabrics which have been waiting for their turn.
    Bonnie Hunter, has helped lots of us, her Leaders have created more quilts, just because it is only one block at a time. Have you looked at Sue Garman's Omygosh? Good Golly patterns. They are so much fun!


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