Optimism outcome

I posted my todo list for the the weekend and am pleased with what I got accomplished.  Some of it was done this week but I made really good progress.

I quilted Mom's version of the Patchwork Sampler the other weekend and spent a large part of Saturday watching recorded tv programs and stitching down the binding, label and sleeve. 

Moms Version
My Version  Same quilt pattern

Dad has a quilt display rack with a fixed display rod. It works well for quilts that drape nicely but for some you lose part of the design doing that. I took the fall wall hanging mom made and add a sleeve with a zipper. I used a zipper that has been stored in the supplies for a long time.
The sleeve has been made for a bit on on Saturday it also got added to its quilt. I'll find out in a week or so if it works the way I think it will. Mom had been quilting a lap quilt with two strands of embroidery floss. There wasn't a lot of quilting left to do -- just the borders. I ended up with two strands about 18 inches long left once all the quilting was done. It has a label but no sleeve. Need to look for something to use for the sleeve.
I thought I had her template for the hearts but couldnt find it. So I put a piece of newsprint under the quilt and used a pin to poke a through the already quilted shapes into the newsprint and create templates. On Monday night, I got started on this weeks 365 blocks and started to play with the fabric from Elaine. Tonight I finished this weeks 365 blocks and played some more with the fabric from Elaine.
So while not everything on the list got done, I knew it wouldn't. I'm really pleased with what did get done.


  1. My "to do" list keep getting bigger and no end in sight! Congrats on completing some of yours.

  2. Wow, you did accomplish quite a bit! Your patchwork sampler turned out beautifully!


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