Corn Maze & Pampered Sit & Sew

Thursday evening I finished adding borders to another of the $10 quilts -- Spring from 2004.  Now Nana`s Farm needs borders and then everything is up to quilting except the few that are actually quilted.  Nothing like a reunion at the end of November to get me moving on the todo's.

I finally brought the applique pins downstairs so I should get going on Love Entwined again.  The crown is cut out I just need to pin it in place so I can start stitching.

Yesterday Karen & I went over to Waterloo to see the Waterloo Quilt Guild Show.  It was an excellent show.  A very talented group of quilters.  The big disappointment is no sharing photos without permission of the member and the guild so those photos will stay on my computer.

Afterwards we drove to Crosshill to the Waterloo Cornmaze where we spent a couple of hours trying to find our way through the maze.

We made a start and didn`t seem to be getting anywhere so Karen took my camera and went back inside to take a photo of the map.

We did go into every dead end (I think).  There were 10 signs to find in the dead ends which gave the answers to the scavenger hunt clues.

A really fun afternoon.  We ended up joining with a Grandma and her two granddaughters (8 & 5) which really made things fun.  The girls were very enthusiastic about find the signs and getting through the maze.  We ended up in Millbrook at Anna Mae`s Restaurant for a nice dinner.

Today was pampered Sit and Sew at Elaine`s As part of the pampering, Elaine does all the pressing and all the ripping.  I took Road to Llano and the guild BOM to work on.  Elaine designed the guild BOM so the amount of pressing is her own fault :)

I have 12 of 13 rows of the BOM done.  Decided I wanted more variety in the whites in the last row than I had with me.  It shouldn`t take long to get it finished.

Got 6 of the Road to Llano blocks put together and started sewing some of the strip sets required for coming steps.  Once the current batch of blocks are together there is bias involved in the next group of blocks and I didn`t want to be transporting that.

I`d left dinner in the slow cooker -- trying a Lamb Shank recipe from the BBC website.  It has possibilities but either the temperature is too high or the cooking time too long.  The meat was really tender but most of the flavour had disappeared.  Need to figure out how to modify the recipe to keep the flavour.


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