The tiny circles weren't so scary after all

For Love Entwined this week, I've been working on the tiny circles. I used the sandpaper and circle template to prepare the circles for needle turning. I traced them one size larger than I wanted so when turning under the line, they'd end up the correct size. At first I thought those circles were going to be hard but in the end they were quick to stitch down.

Yesterday I got the background prepared and the centre stitched on. Now I'm debating about the colours for the crown that surrounds the centre and its flowers.

The centre and inner borders were added to the Christmas quilt. I'll putter away at the applique for the outer border. One thing I learned about with this BOM was even if you are not going to stitch right away, you should probably check the material supplied when you get home. A couple of pieces were cut incorrectly -- one wasn't a huge problem but another was cut at the finished size instead of with seam allowance.


  1. Your compass is beautiful. I just noticed you are not far from me I am in Burlington on.

  2. Thanks Bunny. I've noticed there are several ladies in the area making the quilt.


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