Eats until tired, sleeps until hungry

In July Karen & I got a membership at the zoo.  Among other things over the course of the summer it allows us to go in at 8 am to see the Pandas.  The zoo itself doesn't open until 9.  Last Saturday I was awake early so decided to head over to the zoo to see the Pandas.  I was there a few minutes before 8 and there was a family of 4 waiting to go in but other than that the place was empty.

I didn't spend a lot of time reading the information panels in the exhibit building before the pandas but the family must have lingered there because I was able to spend about 5 minutes alone with the female panda
watching her enjoy her bamboo and listen to the train go past.  This is Er Shu.  When the other family came out, I went around to where Da Mao, the male panda lives and had about 5 minutes alone admiring him.

I think the black disk holds some treats for him.  The sign mentioned apples.  Some things they have to work to find.  Later on the zoo mobile ride, the commentator's line was the Pandas eat until they are tired and then sleep until they are hungry. They go through about 60 kg of bamboo a day.  They kept smelling it looking for the tastiest bits.
When the rest of the zoo opened, I walked around some of the areas and visited the parrots,
and some penguins who seemed very fond of the keeper.  She stopped to talk to one and a bunch came over.  When she walked away, they followed
The zebras were all having lunch

And the white rhino a drink

which gave me ideas so I went and had some lunch too.  Then a zoo mobile ride before heading home.  It was turning into a very warm day so many of the animals where under trees or hiding in long grass trying to keep cool.  The hippo found the log useful to help hold his head up
I didn't go into any of the buildings this visit just wandered a few of the sections. 

Arrived home that day to no power.  Something was wrong with the distribution to half the complex.  Eventually the electrician was able to get everyone half power but it was hit and miss which half you got.  I had power for my fridge and stove upstairs but not the washing machine downstairs.  A neighbour had lots of lights but no fridge or stove.  Monday they finished the repairs and I came home to full power.


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