The skates DO know how to stand up!

When I was a very little girl, my parents got me skates and took me out skating. Apparently I told Dad that we needed to take those skates back because they didn't know how to stand up.

Eventually the skates did learn to stand up -- more or less and so did I.

Tonight I went over to the community centre behind the house for the fun skate. It's the first time I've skated in 15ish years I think, The last time I remember skating is when we would go over to city hall at lunch time on Fridays. Tonight I only skated for 20 minutes. My legs were getting very tired and I decided to make it short and not take any chances. The little ones around me were bouncing back up almost as fast as they fell but I'm not short enough to do that any more. Next Friday's fun skate is cancelled at that arena so I'll have to look for an alternative.  I also need to find somewhere to get the skates sharpened. 


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