January Quilting

Judy Laquidara at Patchworktimes has a project for 2013 that is GETTING IT DONE.  Each month you list 3 or 4 things you want to accomplish for the month that are quilt related.  It isn't necessarily to finish the quilt but could be to move the project along.  I like the idea so here is what I'd like to get done for January.

1.  Figure out what to do for the guild challenge quilt Exotic Adventure and complete the top.  The quilt is due at the March 7th guild meeting.
Challenge Fabric
2.  Also related to the guild is to figure out which quilts I want to put in the guild show in April.  Applications are due at the February meeting so I want to finish quilting the Welcome to my Cabin quilt we did as a $10 quilt in 2005.  I made mine Welcome to my Home and changed some of the panels but kept to her outline and sizes.

3.  I'm slowly working my way though Christmas "A-Z".  I've traced the patterns for F through J so I'd like to get these letters prepared for applique.  Its a wonderful lunch time project or purse project for when I need to be waiting somewhere.

4.  The last item most month with be the monthly Christmas Club assignment.  This year we are going to make Bringing Home the Tree  I'll get the pattern when the class meets later this month.

If I get all of this done, I've probably spent too much time downstairs.  However, there are two other quilts that are sandwiched and want to be quilted.  I'd also like to pick the fabric for Common Bride and start working on it.  It may also become a purse project as parts of it look like it would be best to hand piece.


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